Our Brands

When you want the best in fully-cooked, ready-to-eat BBQ ribs, pork, chicken and beef, choose Kingsford™ BBQ Meats or Butcher’s Prime. Ribs and barbecue are what we do. Our focus is delivering delicious, restaurant-quality barbecue to the table, quickly and easily.


Our mouthwatering sauces – Sweet & Smoky Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce, Korean Style BBQ Sauce and Bold & Tangy Texas Style Mop Sauce – combine with the finest quality baby back ribs, spare ribs, boneless ribs, pulled pork and pulled chicken to create the taste of your favorite barbecue restaurant right in your own kitchen!


Whether it’s a retailer branded offering or ribs served at your favorite restaurant, we supply fresh and frozen sauced and unsauced pre-cooked ribs and barbecue to many of the top food vendors around the world.

Kingsford™ BBQ Meats

Kingsford™ BBQ Meats bring delicious, restaurant-quality ribs and barbecue to your kitchen.

Ribs and barbecue require time and tender loving care. With Kingsford™ BBQ Meats from Carl Buddig and Company, we supply the time and the tender loving care, and you enjoy the flavor and taste sensation of exceptional baby back ribs, pork ribs and barbecue pulled pork. Tasty sauces and the finest cuts of meat make Kingsford’s™ fresh or frozen options your go-to choice when you want great ribs and barbecue pork and chicken without all the prep work!

Butcher’s Prime

Butcher’s Prime ribs and barbecue – You’ll wonder if they just came off the grill!

Ready for ribs, pulled pork or pulled chicken that tastes like it just came off the grill? Carl Buddig’s Butcher’s Prime brand found at the deli counters of leading food retailers takes the best cuts of meats and slow cooks them in some of the most delicious barbecue sauces you’ve ever had. Fresh or frozen, Butcher’s Prime delivers the convenience of heat-and-eat barbecue from the deli counter to your kitchen!

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Pitmaster's Pride

Pitmaster's Pride BBQ entrees reflect our dedication to the craft.

It's all in the name - these barbecue entrees would make any pitmaster proud. Using only premium cuts of meat and all-natural ingredients, we slow-smoke our meals with the same care you'd find at a neighborhood barbecue joint. The difference? Our meals fit any schedule, can be tabled in minutes and leave no mess whether they're prepared in the microwave or oven. Don't just make a meal, take pride in what you make!

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Restaurant Supply/Foodservice

Superb quality fresh or frozen ribs and barbecue for restaurants.

Restaurants across the country rely on Carl Buddig and Company for superior raw and frozen ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket and more.

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