About Us

In 2017, Carl Buddig and Company acquired the assets of Rupari Food Services. Prior to the sale, Rupari Food Services was a leading producer of branded and private label restaurant-quality barbecued meats, ribs and heat-and-serve offerings for over 35 years.

Carl Buddig and Company will continue the tradition of making great-tasting private label and branded barbecued meats. The branded line of products will be marketed under the Kingsford™ brand. The multiyear agreement with Kingsford™ allows Carl Buddig to provide consumers with real backyard barbecue meats that are hardwood smoked, carefully hand-trimmed and cooked low and slow for a tender, mouthwatering experience. The line of products includes beef brisket, beef short ribs, boneless ribs, pork belly, pulled pork and pulled chicken and are available sauced or without sauce and can be custom seasoned.